IMO Guber: I will Create Industrial Revolution In Imo – Linus Okorie

IMO Guber: I will Create Industrial Revolution In Imo - Linus Okorie 1
Dr. Linus Okorie, Imo YPP Governorship Candidate  in an exclusive interview spoke with Arise Afrika on his vision for IMO
*Plan for Imo*
My vision is to build a world-class Imo filled with endless possibilities and development
*On His Mission*
Our mission is to model a world class Imo filled with endless possibilities through massive human capital development and youth empowerment, job creation, attraction of global and local resources and unleashing excellence in governance leading to a quality, productive, robust and thriving economy for all Imo people
*On His Antecedent*
It might interest you to know that for 24 years of my life, I have been in the business of developing the leadership capital of Nigeria. We have been developing leaders. We have also gained global recognition in what we have been found over the years. We have been honored  by top institutions of the world including the US Government. So having become successful in training and developing people, my thinking; it is time to come to Imo to model a world class Imo filled with endless possibilities.
*Why do you want to be  Governor?*
I want to be Governor so as unleash excellence in governance. I will make a great difference and continue from where De Sam Mbakwe stopped. Looking at my antecedents,  track records you would understand that am one person who loves Imo  state. All my life, I have schooled here in Owerri. I went through Government College where I became the Senior Prefect. I was also the first elected Student Union Government President of Imo State University.
I made a great difference when I held leadership positions in time past and would do so as Imo Governor.
For 25 years now, my job has been to mould and develop leaders, I am coming to Imo State to set standards and ensure that my people come out of poverty and that there is prosperity in Imo State. I will create industrial revolution in Imo
*What Linus Okorie Government Will Do Differently In Imo*
The beautiful thing is that Imo strategically located, right at the center of the Southeast and South south has the potential to be the industrial hub of Nigeria
Imo by the way it is designed is supposed to be the industrial, commerce and trade zone.
My policy will be centred on creating huge investments in Imo State. I will bring industrial revolution.
When I become Governor, I would be focusing on two governing enablers. Governance that is centered on transparency. I will strengthen our institutions so as to enable Executive, Legislative and  Judiciary to work. Improve the welfare of our Civil Service, create a sense of confidence. We will run a modern civil service in such a way that we will compete with the rest of the world.
Once our governance matrix is intact, it enables trust. Money flows to where there is trust. Once there is trust, investment will come to Imo.
There will be massive investment human capital development, Infrastructure: Good Road Networks, Adequate Security, ICT,
*How do you intend to Create Wealth In Imo?*
Like I said earlier, my government will focus on creating wealth for all Imo People. I will start by  developing the skills of our people. Am a Trainer so I understand how this works. We will ensure that every Imo son/daughter is developed in various area of skills. Imo will become a good export of human capital. People will come to Imo looking for people who they will take to add value all over the world.
I will invest massively in Functional Education. Instead of forcing everyone to go to universities, we will a functional educational system for our artisans. Some people will be taught how to make the best of Tiles, furniture we will create fashion schools, manufacturing, oil and gas , Ict
We will also have Enterprise Development Funds. People can access funds to start business. There will be rise in SME’s in Imo
We will also have pay attention to our Sports. When I become Governor , I will create a premier league
Imo is already one of the place of attraction people look forward to coming to. For instance a place like Oguta will be well developed to play a major part in creating wealth due to the Oguta Lake. We will build hotels system around thus place
 For a long time, Imo State has been deprived of quality leadership capital. This has caused us a lot of poverty, shame and disgrace across the world. A lot of people are dissatisfied with what us going on. A lot of people are challenged by what is going on. Imo is missing a lot. People are no longer proud anymore to be from Imo. The problem is that almost all the people who occupied leadership position in time past have been thinking about themselves. Its been all about satisfying their selfish interest, personal aggrandizement, empowering only themselves and those related to them. They are forgetting that there are Imo people  living in the villages. These people are suffering every day. It is in this basis that I said its time.
In Conclusion
If you are tired of what is going in Imo state, I urge you to make a decision  to shun money politics. It’s about time we put an end to money politics in Imo. My candidacy offers something new, something different, something bold. We must chose to depart from the older order and embrace the new order.
The old order are the regular politicians – who doesn’t have any vision or plans  to improve  quality of life of the people. From day one, they are hell bent on massive stealing and looting of  our public funds. We must say no to them. Imo belongs to all of us.
 So we all have to be part of the process of ensuring we depart from old order to new order..
Let’s vote in credible leadership.
The logo of YPP (Young Progressive Party) is the Map of Nigeria with an  Open Door  green..Red ..Yellow colours
Let’s vote YPP for prosperity for all Imolites.

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