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How To Start Food Delivery Business in Nigeria



How To Start Food Delivery Business in Nigeria

Nigeria has a lot of big cities with very high population. This makes it easy to find buyers for almost everything.

One thing that’s sure to sell in big cities is food. A lot of people are very busy that they hardly find time to prepare their own food.

Here comes the opportunity, it is a simple idea. Take food to these people and they pay you for it. As an entrepreneur, you can venture into this business and in no time, you will have a lot of buyers.


Just like any other business venture, a lot of factors can determine how profitable a particular business is. One of the most important factors in a business like this one is the class of people you wish to serve.

People in the working class is our target here. People with a sizeable amount of income that can buy good food.

But one factor too that is also very important is the repeat business. This will mean that you have satisfied customers who call back for your food after the first time.

These customers tell other people like family, friends, and co-workers about your food and so your customers multiply.

In any case, the food delivery business is very profitable, you just have to do your part.



One has to follow a sequence of preparation to be able to start and run the food delivery business successfully.

1) CAPITAL: Depending on whether you prepare the food yourself and also deliver. The business can be capital intensive or not.

2) LOCATION: As already mentioned, the location should be a busy city with lots of working class people.

Anything outside of this will make the business slow and difficult to expand. Remember, the cost of each food delivered is not just the meal but the delivery cost is included.

This will make the price of food a little higher than what it should be without the delivery fee. The result will be some people not being able to afford it.

3) YOUR NAME: To stand out, you need a name. People should be able to distinguish you from other names or brands. Get a name that’s unique, it will make customers able to tell other people about your business.

4) LICENSE: There are always authorities in the city responsible for regulating businesses like this. To ensure seamless operation, you have to acquire the necessary licenses.

5) SET YOUR PRICE: Prices of your dishes should be set so anyone that wants to buy knows what he/she is paying for.

6) SET YOUR PAYMENT METHOD: Another thing is how this money is being paid. You should choose a payment method that will be comfortable for your customers. It could be through your food delivery app.

7) TRANSPORTATION: This is transportation means you want to use while delivering the food. You could use a bus as used by other delivery businesses.

8) STAFF: Of course, you will need hands to help you run the business. The number of staff you need depends on the size and area you wish to cover.

You should look at employing people that are experienced in being a team or at least the majority of your staffs should have experience. People that are ready to work as a team for the benefit of the business is highly important for a business like this.

9) MARKETING: This is very important in today’s business. Marketing makes sure that people are aware of your business and can also affect the way they see your business.

Since you are offering what can easily attract the attention of people, it can be a lot easy to market your business.

Advertising your business is one sure way of doing marketing.

1) Advertisement can be done through leaflets, flyers and through banners put in areas people can easily see.

2) Social Media is also a good place to catch potential buyers. You will need to run a social media campaign that targets your area.

3) Early customers. This will come in when you just started. The success of many businesses has come through the satisfaction of the first set of customers. How the first customers feel, they will surely share with family and friends.

So, at the start make sure you are ready and give your best.



Avoid scandal in any way possible. People talk, people find fault and people are very careful about what they eat. Take care of the packaging and make it very clean.

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