Linus Okorie hits Isu, Nkwere and Nwangele With His Campaign

Linus Okorie

The campaign train of Linus Okorie hits Isu, Nkwere and Nwangele L.G.As

It was glorious as the campaign train of Linus Dr. Linus Okorie made a heroic tour to Isu L.G.A. from Umuaka market, the traders there halted his movement and told him that they have been hearing his name but not knowing him in person, now that they have seen this handsome Man God has given to them to govern them in the next four years that they will give him all the support by casting their vote for him,protecting his and even yell others about him.

Linus Okorie hits Isu, Nkwere and Nwangele With His Campaign 1Linus Okorie hits Isu, Nkwere and Nwangele With His Campaign 2
At Orientation Amurie Amandugba the people came out en-mass to show their support to him , people volunteered to be his ward campaign chairman of Imonkeanyi and promised to do his best for him, also another Woman was anoited the women leader of imo Nkeanyi, the elderly and young people including the women with one voice echoed their support for him come March 9th, at about 1:30 pm his ship landed at Uloano Amandugba where Youths in their hundreds came out and assured Linus and YPP of not only their votes but the protection of the votes the will cast on Saturday March 9th. The women at the Uloano Amandugba market asked him if eh will deceive them and kill them like the current Government Linus assured them Government of the people,by the people and for the people if elected and they joyful and sincerely congratulated him in advance.

At Umunama the crowd was already waiting until the Imonkeanyi campaign team landed at about 2:25 pm where the YPP candidate thanked them and promised them of his support to the community welfare if elected and will provide job for the Youths when elected into Government come March 9,2019, as many also volunteered to work for him to protect his vote during election.

Quickly the Train 🚆 moved to Nkwere Local Government where Youths and woman received him at their YPP campaign office and it was awesome as the people were glad to the Man whom they have heard much about as He is on His to Douglas house. Earlier the DG Imonkeanyi Dr. Chudi Onuzo thanked the Nkwere people for their patience and hard work for Linus Okorie and YPP despite to challenge they were facing and promised them that Linus will not disappoint them. On his speech the chairman of the Imonkeanyi in Nkwere assured Linus and his team that they have made up their minds to support him. The YPP candidate Dr. Linus Okorie was extremely glad to see crowd that trooped out to welcome him, and assured them that Nkwere people get their slot in his Government after may 29. He thanked them and encouraged them to continue the good work.

Linus Okorie hits Isu, Nkwere and Nwangele With His Campaign 3Linus Okorie hits Isu, Nkwere and Nwangele With His Campaign 4
At Owerri Nkwoji market the women held Dr. At place dancing with him to the glory of God for given them somebody like Dr. Linus Okorie to be next Governor of Imo State and warned him to protect his votes and they are going to vote for him massively. And assured him of grassroot campaign on his behalf.
The cabinet and good people of ABBA welcomed the campaign team, Kola was presented to receive the by guests by Eze UZOMA, thereafter the DG introduced the Dr. Linus Okorie who thanked the Eze and the people of ABBA who came in en mass to receive him and said it’s a sacrifice to the people of Imo State, he assured them that He(Linus Okorie) is not a politician but a missionary in Imo politics as a Leadership expert he is going use his wide experience world over to better Imo State and asked for their bulk votes and the rest to God. After listening to him, the Eze and his people welcomed Him and promised to their bit come March 9, to seal their promise to him, they traditionally prayed for him for success and God’s guidance.
Speaking to his teaming supporters at his campaign office later in the day, Dr. Linus told them that God is involved and that He is going to Douglas house after March 9 and enjoy them to keep praying and working hard. The days business was concluded with Thanksgiving and prayers to Almighty God.

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