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Pluto Planet Frown As MC Banana Mouth & NonsoNkwa Fights Dirty



Comrade Ugwonnoh, Chigozie Godwin the C.E.O of Pluto Planet Designs has frowned over a said beef going on between two Imo state based entertainers and radio personalities Mc Banana Mouth and NonsoNkwa describing it as unnecessary. in his words, he wrote…..

I felt so bad this afternoon when i logged in to Imo Based Artist group whatsapp as at 12:00pm and find out some issues going on between two top Imo based entertainers MC Banana Mouth of MyRadio FM and NonsoNkwa of Darling FM, this is very discouraging to upcoming entertainers looking up to them to see their boss beefing each other, please this is never a welcome development in Imo Based entertainment industry. IBA group is meant for the growth and betterment of all Imo entertainers and not a place for hate and beef. Comr. Ugwonnoh, Chigozie Godwin (CEO, Pluto Planet Designs, Home of Graphics and Printing) hereby plead to both parties for what ever the problems may be let it be settled amicably for we are one. I also use this medium to draw the attention of the most intellectual SA to the Governor on Entertainment IMGH, Hon. Chukwunonye Iruno, to intervene and call them to oder as a man of peace and whom we are under his umbrella because I believe you can never allow things fall apart in Imo state entertainment industry. Your good works in Imo entertainment industry remains the best ever. One love and let love lead… Long live IBA! Long live Imo State!! Long live Nigeria!!!

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