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BUSTED: Fake Beggars Pretending To Be Blind Arrested In IMSU



Students must beware of the latest antics many fake beggars have employed to deceive people especially students of hard-earned money feigning to be visually impaired and scotched as many of them have built their tent in IMSU.

Combined effort of men of the Nigerian police force attached to the main gate of IMO state university owerri have uncovered swindle activities of a particular group who devise crooked means to command sympathy and scoop kindhearted students of their hard earned money all in false pretense of being blind making mockery of the people.

The security men who nabbed the false beggars at the university gate were deployed majorly to curtail exploitative activities of cult boys within the university community during the second semester examination.

Luck ran out of they group when they were called out by a student who identified one of them to have approached him some time ago at ETF building claiming that he lost his wallet containing transport fare and needed help to continue his journey and now seeing the same person among the group asking for help to conduct Professional oculus care for alleged blind eyes and immediately alerted security personnel.

The group have been publicly photographed and taken into custody, students are warned to be mindful as the issue of corporate and false begging is now in high swing in IMSU even though God gave injunctions in the Bible to provide arm and help to those who are destitute and less privileged.

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