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There’s An Industry Growing Like Weed In Imo And It’s The Entertainment Industry



Yes you read that right!

Imo is bubbling forth with new energy. The youths are not taking no for an answer. They seem to be caught up in the new wave. The wave that is responsible for most of the attention Africa is getting right now. The entertainment wave!


You know a new industry is opening up in a new environment if the key players of that industry are settling in that environment. A lot of that has been happening in Imo.
Imo used to be a very ‘quiet and peaceful’ state. It is still very peaceful but I can’t say that right now for quiet. The entertainment industry has toppled it over and the arrival of key players in the industry is largely responsible for that.
The media- online, radio and TV- is experiencing a new wave of healthy competition. The kind that makes it hard for you to have one favorite. New radio and TV stations, well established online and print media companies are moving into the state.
Talented musicians and music producers are springing up on a daily.
The arrival of Africa Magic Igbo has made acting more interesting and the youths are caught on that wave with movie auditions happening every other day in the state.
Talented comedians are not taking no for an answer either. Recently Mc Tboy, a budding Imo comedian, hosted a comedy and music show that shut down the entire city. Before that was the Imo Music Artistes Conference, an indigenous music show that attracted the likes of 2baba, Gospel on da Beats and a host of the housemates from the hit TV show Big Brother Naija (BBNaija).
Vendors and the private sector are now interested in the entertainment industry and are ready to invest. The government is also getting itself involved. This is just to mention the local key players. Key players from the mainstream entertainment industry have been showing interest too, organizing shows in the state. A lot of that has been happening.
Imo started experiencing this growth in the first quarter of 2015 and it has kept growing progressively like a weed.
Still, there’s a lot that needs to be done to get the entertainment industry well established in the state. More key players need to come in to take advantage of this growth and harness it. The government needs to get more interested. Investors from the private sector, the media, the local musicians and actors, the comedians all need to get more involved.
Until then, the new wave of entertainment that is taking over Africa is passing through Imo and the youths are not letting it slide past them. They are definitely caught on that wave. Imo is bubbling forth with new energy and the entertainment industry is growing like weed

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