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REVEALED: Reasons Why America Is Afraid To Attack North Korea



I stumbled on this post on Quora written by one Niall Clugston suggesting the reasons why USA is so afraid to launch an attack on North Korea and guess what? this will get you amazed…..

In 1969, North Korea shot down a US spy plane. President Nixon did not retaliate because he couldn’t think of anything to do that wouldn’t risk provoking all-out war.
In the 1994, President Clinton contemplated a strike against North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, but was advised that it could cost 52,000 US and 490,000 South Korean military casualties in the first three months, to say nothing of South Korean civilian casualties and North Korean casualties.
Seoul is so close to the border that North Korea could turn the city into a “sea of fire” with its rockets and artillery. North Korea’s million-strong army could invade the South through tunnels, by sea etc.
North Korea probably has the capacity to strike the USA. The same technology used to launch satellites is used for ICBMs, and North Korea has launched satellites. The US Defense Intelligence Agency said that they did years ago.
In short, North Korea employs a hedgehog strategy. It cannot help to beat the USA in combat. But if the USA tries to bite it, the USA will be spiked.

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1 Comment

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    May 4, 2017 at 2:35 am

    Very correct

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