A 33-year-old lady identified as Crystal Bassette from Clay, New York city, who reportedly spent 10 years in the p****graphy industry, has quit her P0*n star career and lavish lifestyle to become a small town church pastor finding God and meeting the love of her life.
According to a report by Metro UK, after falling pregnant at the age of 16, Crystal was determined to give her son the best life she could. But, after moving to Hollywood from North Carolina, she realized that living in a safe neighbourhood came with a sky-high price tag.
Having modelled in the past as well as having experience in feature dancing and pole competitions, Crystal decided to give p*rn a go after meeting with an adult film agent who told her that she had the potential to make $30,000 a month in the industry.
Seeing dollar signs, Crystal attended her first scene at a house in Malibu soon after the meeting. But it wasn’t an easy experience in the slightest.
She said: “I remember after the scene, I sat in the shower for about two hours crying. Then I stopped after that shoot and didn’t go back for about one month. I ended up going back to it again and that’s when I was numbing myself through taking pain medicine and drinking alcohol to get through the scene.
“It just became like this daily routine for me where I would drop my son off to school in the morning, go do a shoot and come home. It was like a regular 9 to 5 job.”
Crystal began heavily drinking to help her get through scene after scene. She also bought numerous sports cars, a nightclub and a mansion. Her addiction to both alcohol and spending large amounts of money became a vicious cycle, and one that Crystal says she was sucked into, ultimately losing herself in the haze.
“I started to become an object. I wouldn’t walk outside my house without showing cleavage, having a belly shirt on and high heels. It was like had to constantly look like the s*x symbol.
“I just lived for myself and my son and didn’t really think about the consequences of making films and dancing and everything.”
Eventually, deciding her lifestyle was unsustainable for her and her well-being, Crystal turned to the Bible for help. “My mind was so messed up and after reading the Bible I know that I was haunted by a spirit of Jezebel,’ she said.
“The day I was saved, I felt like the preacher was just speaking to me directly. It was like he was preaching to only me and you know that day I felt God was talking to me through his preaching and everything he said felt right.
“I ended up walking the middle. I got down on my knees and was just praying to God to just release me from everything and my mom was there and my sister came over and were just all crying. And that was the day I got saved.”
She began devoting her life to God and in the process, she met her now-husband David, a pastor. She said: “He’d known about my past for years because my sister was going to his church. David is the kind of guy that thinks your past is your past. You can’t keep looking back at it. It’s done with.
“It is definitely the ultimate change. It’s going from one extreme to the next. I had to get away from this whole life.”
Her husband, David, said: ‘What I would like people to take away from us is that God can forgive you no matter what past you come from.
‘I would like people to come to Christ through our relationship and our experiences. I hope it encourages everybody else to do the same, to realise that money and fame isn’t what it’s about.’