Husband rubs HOT CHILLI on wife’s PANTS after finding these in her bag

Husband rubs HOT CHILLI on wife’s PANTS after finding these in her bag 1

Smart Simambo, the husband of 30-year-old Nellie Simambo, rubbed hot chilli pepper in his wife’s underwear after he found a pair of used condoms in the woman’s handbag.

The woman recalled the horrifying incident in court as she told the judge that her private parts burned and swelled from her husband’s punishing revenge.

She told the court that her husband was a violent man that was always paranoid about her having lovers and was just looking for an excuse to rub the pepper in her underwear. She added that he also tried to choke her while she slept.

Nellie said: “I am tired of this man and I am afraid if I continue staying with him he will kill me because he moves with a knife in his pocket.”

Smart Simambo told the court that the root of his behavior was his wife’s infidelity and that the last straw was when he found a couple of used condoms in her handbag.

“My wife has also denied me s*x for the past five months and yet she has the audacity to come home with used condoms in her bag,” he stated.

The judge ordered the couple get divorced and told the husband to compensate his ex-wife financially for the harm he inflicted. The judge gave the woman custody of the children and ordered the husband to pay child support each month.

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